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WarriorDan Personality Page


Handle: WarriorDan
Twitter: @WarriorDanYT
YouTube: WarriorDan YouTube Page

WarriorDan is a PC gamer, most known for his popular game review series, "What Is The Point Of". When he is not busy reviewing (aka complaining about) games, he also produces edited let's play videos featuring a variety of games, generally first-person-shooter games. (Except COD. Sorry, no COD on this channel.)

When he is not writing detailed game review videos or tormenting his now-victimized friends in let's play videos, WarriorDan can be found lurking amongst the underbelly of the internet. (Aka Twitter).

WarriorDan prides himself on trying to look after his own community and get everyone involved in what he does, including going so far as to feature community YouTube and Twitter comments in his occasional "Channel Update" videos, where he responds to community feedback and announces future plans.

You can check out WarriorDan on YouTube and Twitter via the links above.

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