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Hello and welcome to 8 Bit Kitty!

We are currently updating our website and store for a more streamlined shopping experience. We are now a one stop shop for video games, board games, and card games along with their respective accessories. We hope you enjoy the new look of our website!

Video Games and Consoles

We have a large assortment of used, vintage to modern video games along with accessories. Check out our store of rare finds and unique game related items.

Card Games

We will be selling card game booster boxes and boosters. We will allow preorders for cases and master cases if preordered and paid in full. We will also provide singles available for purchase along with accessories like sleeves, dice and play mats. Currently, we will be selling the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Univeral Fightin System (UFS).

Board Games

We have just entered the market for board games. We will be selling brand new board games of different genres and occassionally preowned board games.

Virtual Tournaments

We are looking into partnering with other 3rd party groups to sponsor online card game tournaments. Stay tuned for more information.

What's New...

Check here often to see check out the latest on presales and other new products!