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The Atari Creep Personality Page

The Atari Creep

Handle: The Atari Creep
Twitter: @TheAtariCreep
YouTube: The Atari Creep YouTube Page

Chris, The Atari Creep began his gaming life in 1982 when he was given his first system, a Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade. Owning that along with an NES, then a Sega Genesis, he also played Coleco and Sega Master System over at a friend’s house. As a young adult he picked up a Playstation and that was the peak of gaming for him as a young adult.

Sometime in the early 2000’s, Chris found his original Tele-Games in his mothers basement, dusted it off and fell in love with games all over again and began to collect the games he had in his past. That naturally translated into collecting systems and games that he never got to play or was not interested in at the time they were new. His collection has gone up and down over the years at one time having over 450 Atari 2600/VCS carts alone.

The Atari Creep as a personality (I say that loosely), came about after Chris was asked to be a content creator for The Gamer Geek Nation when it was still fresh and new. He needed an online gaming name. Combining his love for Atari and all thing macabre he decided on the name Atari Creep. Shortly in December he decided to create a Facebook page and YouTube channel, uploading his first video on Dec 8th, 2009. His goal, to talk about Atari and bring that name in the same light as Nintendo, since the NES was in at the time. He has also seen a lot of negativity in the gaming community and wanted to offer a positive note within. With his very low budget gorilla style of filming, too much caffeine and a filthy mouth, he was able to gain a small following and made some of the best friends he could ever have hoped for.

Born and raised in the Boston area, Chris is now a retired Corrections officer rebuilding his collection. He is also an artist, prop maker, guitar builder and of course a gaming nut.

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