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sXe JuiCE Personality Page

sXe Juice

Handle: sXe JuiCE
Facebook: sXe JuiCE Facebook Account
Website: sXe Website

Hugo aka JuiCE, comes from Compton, California. His family is from Guatemala, where he spent much of his childhood years and was introduced to the world of gaming. The very first game he played was Dr. Mario on the NES, because that's all his family played. His grandfather was his player 2 and he was always introducing him to new games. His grandfather and he would always play new games, whether it was on NES, Genesis or SNES. They always played and tried out new games together. Unfortunately, his grandfather passed on January of 2002. He was never really able to see the evolution of games and how amazing they are now. Hugo has a special connection with Castle Of Illusions starring Mickey Mouse, as that was their go to game.

sXe JuiCE as a name came really from Straight Edge (sXe) and Jugo (Spanish for Juice) simply because his name is Hugo and sometimes people call him Jugo instead, so it stuck. He loves to game and try out new games. Lately his youtube channel has been absent but he promises new content very soon. His Facebook page is Happy Face Bandit Designs which is another name he uses. Happy Face Bandit has been around high school and its a community he's trying to build.

sXe JuiCe works as a Musician, Nurse, and Prop maker.

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