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Picky Old Gamer Personality Page

Picky Old Gamer

Handle: Picky Old Gamer
Twitter: @pickyoldgamer
Twitch: Picky Old Gamer Twitch Account
Facebook: Picky Old Gamer Facebook Account
Crosshair TV: TV Show
Skirmish Frogs: TV Show
YouTube: Picky Old Gamer YouTube Page

Picky Old Gamer is an old school gamer that has played games since his parents gave him an Atari 2600. He has gamed on pc's and consoles all his life. His YouTube Chanel was started in 2015 to bring his love of gaming to the Internet. He wants to bring his picky view of games and the gaming community to the world, along with his old school outlook and view of the gaming industry.

His channel has retro gaming shows such as the current Game Ramblings Weekly Show, Gaming News and Rumours, Let's Plays of Games from old school to modern, and streams of games to Twitch and YouTube when he can. You won't see the cookie cutter videos like you see on YouTube, but his unique "picky" take on the current and future of the gaming industry. Some of his views are not the most popular, but he tells his opinion as he sees it. Also being an IT professional for over a decade, he can analyze and breakdown hardware trends and see if they make sense.

In the end, Picky Old Gamer doesn't want to be a copy of any other YouTuber, but bring his experience as a gamer, IT professional and the love of gaming - to give us a view of where we were, where we are, and where we are going as gamers. You may not always agree with him, but in the end he is honest, loves to talk and discuss with gamers, and doesn't mind being wrong. He has been told by his viewers that his view is "unique" and "refreshing" compared to other channels. Give his channel a try and see what you think!

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