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What's New in Retro Gaming?

We just made a decision to go to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, October 21 - 23. We are very excited to be able to attend this show. Many of our Gamer Personality friends will be there as well as other personalities and friends we have yet to meet. This is a huge show - over 9,000 attendees last year. Make sure to check our their site to see who is attending. There will also be loads of fun activities!

Portland Retro Gaming ExpoWe look forward to seeing you! Bring in your trades, we might be able to make a deal!

E3 Expo 2016

This was our first time to be able to go to E3 and it was awesome! Check out some of our pictures of the event! (You must register with the forum to view) This year it took place June 14 - 16 and had a host of companies sharing their new products. Justin and I especially enjoyed the Nintendo exhibit and being able to demo the new Zelda game!! But, there was much more! We checked out as many of the new games as we could. Lines were long, but worth the wait.

Comicon Phoenix

Justin went to Comicon and got to see lots of cool Star Wars stuff, costumes and had a great time seeing many of his good friends. He also found some really great artists there and was able to pick up custom artwork of Final Fantasy VII and Pokemon.

Justin at Comicon in Phoenix

GameStop, Inc.

LEGO Brand Retail

Nerd Block